Meet our battleground champions, from across party lines. They have agreed to put climate above politics and support bold climate actions that leave no one behind.

We’re running a massive people-powered campaign to get out the vote to help these battleground champions, and we need your help to make it happen. No matter where you live, there’s a way you can help. 



Taylor Bachrach - Skeena-Bulkley Valley - NDP

Taylor Bachrach has been a community leader in Skeena–Bulkley Valley for years. He was a municipal councillor in Telkwa and has been mayor of Smithers since 2011, fighting for affordable housing and public transit.

Taylor is working to tackle climate change as the current chair of the BC Municipal Climate Leadership Council, and serves on the BC Government’s Climate Solutions and Clean Growth Advisory Council, the Northern Development Initiative Trust and is president of Go By Bike BC.

He has championed several renewable energy and energy efficiency projects and worked with organizations dedicated to climate solutions and clean growth.

Taylor supports strong climate action at the national level, consistent with what the scientific community has outlined as necessary for our children to inherit a viable future. He will work hard for a climate action framework that not only reduces emissions, but also addresses economic inequality and puts people to work in a new energy economy.

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Jody Wilson-Raybould - Vancouver Granville - Independent

Jody Wilson-Raybould was elected MP for Vancouver Granville in 2015, and appointed Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, making her the first Indigenous person to serve in this portfolio.

Jody is a lawyer, advocate and leader among British Columbia’s First Nations. In 2004, she was elected as Commissioner by the Chiefs of the First Nations Summit, and in 2009, was elected Regional Chief of the BC Assembly of First Nations, where she devoted herself to the advancement of First Nations governance, fair access to land and resources, and improved education and health care services. 

Jody is running as an Independent to be able to work across party lines and focus on the issues that matter most; front and center is the climate crisis. She is committed to creating an all-party climate caucus to tackle the crisis at the scale required through a bold climate action plan that survives past the life of one government.

As part of climate action in Canada, she recognizes the need for greater recognition of Indigenous jurisdiction over land and resource stewardship. To do our duty by future generations, Jody believes it will require 'colouring outside of party lines'.

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Anna Keenan - Malpeque - Green Party

Anna Keenan is a dedicated community leader, with years of experience working with community advocacy organizations on climate change, public policy and democratic rights. She was Campaign Director for the P.E.I. Coalition for Proportional Representation during the 2016 plebiscite. 

Anna has worked on climate change and the renewable energy movement for 13 years for organizations like Greenpeace International and now works with 350.org on climate mobilization. 

She believes it is time to move beyond 'taxes and rebates' as climate policy because they do not take social justice into account. She supports universal basic income, job guarantees for transitioning workers through a crown corporation, and ensuring that big polluters pay their fair share

Her life-long commitment to values like inclusion, ambitious climate action, democracy, and strong local economies makes her a courageous leader on climate.

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Matthew Green - Hamilton Centre - NDP

Matthew Green is a dedicated community leader in Hamilton, Ontario, focused on environmental and social justice issues.

As a Hamilton City Councillor, he has supported public transit and massive investment in social housing, stood up for civic rights, pushed for economic justice and defended the environment. Most notably, he  introduced an Environmental Bill of Rights for Hamilton, the first city in Ontario to do so.

Matthew is also a former Executive Director of the Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion, which advocates for diversity and equity.

Matthew is a strong advocate for fair economies and wants to make sure that working-class values are well represented in Ottawa. He’s committed to championing policies that put the delicate future of our ecology first, and the just transition of our workers at the centre of a fair economy in order to create a world where no one is left behind.

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Darcie Lanthier - Charlottetown - Green Party

Darcie Lanthier has dedicated her life to critical social and economic issues including environmental protection, poverty reduction, food security, access to justice, and moving Canada toward renewable energy. 

Darcie is a trained energy systems technologist, with a specialization in solar photovoltaics. She performs energy audits, is a staunch advocate for renewable energy, and has plans to make homes and workplaces more sustainable. She believes energy efficiency will not only benefit our economy now, but will ensure our children and their children have a safe and healthy place to live.

Darcie has volunteered with many Island groups including the Voluntary Resource Council, the Citizens' Alliance, Food Exchange PEI, Pesticide Free PEI, and the Legacy Garden. Darcie is also a lifetime member of the PEI Women's Institute and has served on the Provincial Board. She is a firm believer in Canadians and their capacity to mobilize for positive change. 

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Daniel Blaikie - Elmwood Transcona - NDP

Daniel Blaikie was elected MP of Elmwood Transcona in 2015, in the closest race in the country. He’s been active in his community as a strong advocate for social, economic and environmental justice.

Daniel's apprenticeship in democracy started early, growing up as the son of longtime MP and MLA, Bill Blaikie, seeing the power of politics to change people's lives for the better. He graduated from the University of Winnipeg with a Bachelor of Arts in history and philosophy and earned a Master’s degree in philosophy from Concordia University.

As an MP, Daniel has raised concerns about energy projects that threatened to contaminate Winnipeg’s water supply and pollute Lake Winnipeg. He is dedicated to transitioning to a clean energy, carbon-free economy while investing in workers and creating jobs. He will work to make life more affordable and sustainable for families through electric transit, zero-emission vehicles and work with communities to protect our air and water.

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Paul Taylor - Parkdale-High Park - NDP

Paul Taylor has spent his life working to alleviate poverty, fighting for workers’ rights, and standing up for the most marginalized. He is committed to building solidarity between communities and continuing to push for justice.

Paul is committed to bold climate action in line with a Green New Deal and believes that we need to transition off fossil fuels because if we let temperatures rise beyond 1.5 degrees celsius, hundreds of millions more people will be at risk for famine, water shortages, disease and death.

As Executive Director of FoodShare Toronto, Canada’s largest food security organization, Paul has been working to make Canada a place where no one struggles to put food on the table. He’s seen the challenges the housing crisis has put on working people in Parkdale–High Park – and believes that it’s time for the government to start building affordable housing again.

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Lenore Zann - Cumberland-Colchester - Liberal Party

Lenore Zann is a well known and hard-working representative for her community in Nova Scotia. She is a tireless advocate for women and a champion for arts, education, green jobs, and social, economic, and environmental justice. 

Lenore has served as the Member of the Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia for Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River since 2009 and has served as Ministerial Assistant to the Deputy Premier and Deputy House Leader.

As an MLA, she has introduced bills to address environmental racism, to enact the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Committee and two bills in support of public education.

Lenore believes in working across party lines in order to take the necessary steps and create legislation to address and mitigate the climate crisis we are facing. 

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