Let’s make this election a turning point for climate


Time is running out. The October 21 federal election is crucial to whether or not Canada addresses the climate crisis at the scale required, and politics as usual isn’t working.

We need transformative solutions, like a Green New Deal for Canada, where we tackle inequality and climate change hand in hand. And, we need champions willing to work together across party lines to make it happen.

That’s why Leadnow’s campaign this election is to seek out climate champions, and work to help elect bold champions willing to cooperate across party lines to put our future above politics.

Join us and help make this election a turning point for climate:


Already, many candidates have agreed that we need politicians working together for bold climate action:



See the list of candidates who have pledged to cooperate or agreed to all of the bold actions in line with a Green New Deal we asked them about.

With so many candidates responding to our survey and agreeing to cooperate for bold climate action that leaves no one behind, we had tough decisions to make about where to put our campaigning strength to help elect key “battleground champions”.


Meet our Battleground Champions

To tackle the climate crisis, we need courageous leaders ready to put climate above politics. To help ensure the next parliament delivers what’s needed, we’re supporting these “battleground champions” from across party lines, with strong track records and good chances of being elected. 

To support these battleground champions, we are reaching out to climate voters in their ridings by phone and on the doorstep to encourage them to support our recommended champion. We’ve already begun and aim to make a total of 300,000 calls in total to help them win.

To learn more about our battleground champions click on any of the images.

Help us send them to Ottawa to fight for the bold action we need! Join our campaign.

Here’s how we’ll make this election a turning point for climate


1. Call on candidates to cooperate for climate action.

First, we challenged candidates from every party to put forward their boldest solutions to tackle the climate crisis — and commit to cooperating across party lines to bring climate action to life.


2. Get out the vote to support select climate champions

We’ve begun our massive people-powered campaign to get out the vote to help elect a handful of bold climate champions across party lines, and we need you to make it happen. No matter where you live, there’s a way you can help.


3. Stop the Conservatives from taking power.

A Conservative government would not only bring climate action to a halt, but send us backwards. We’re crowdfunding for a hard-hitting ad campaign to expose the truth about the Conservatives’ dangerous policies, to help prevent them from winning.